Privacy statement


We are one of the few companies in Slovakia that sells, manufactures and innovates its products at the same time. Our goal and also our motto are always to offer customers something more than competitors. Something new and unique which we also succeeded in the case of mono-electronics operating at frequency of 8,2 MHz. The address of our website is:


What personal data are needed for us and why ?

Contact forms

For the “Contact” sub-page, you have the option to fill out a contact form through which you can give us questions or order our products. That’s why we need to know your personal data including your name and your email. Your personal details will not be further processed. The email will be deleted after contacting you back.

Order forms

For each product, there is an order form through which you can contact us for your product order information. In this form, we process your name and surname and email address, which are necessary for our cooperation. We will delete these data after the end of the collaboration.

How long do we keep your data ?

We will respond to you after receiving your email. When we will be done with our collaboration, all your data will be deleted.

Where do we send your data ?

We will not send your contact details anywhere. They are used only for our communication. Once our communication is ended, your personal information will be deleted.