IRIDIUM Delta Plexi


IRIDIUM Delta Plexi

RF Mono EAS System 8,2 MHz for hard tags and paper labels


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Technical Specifications of Delta Plexiglass RF Mono System 8.2 MHz:

Frequency: 8.2 MHz RF
Weight: 11,192 kg
Power supply: 15V
Plexi glass Antenna: luxury design
Construction: very strong
Material: aluminium profile, stainless steel box and base plate, plexiglass 8mm, antenna from anodized aluminium profiles
Alarm sound: small piezo, 90dB loudness
Alarm light: red colour LED
Optional facility: engraved logo on plexi glass, blue lighting

General information:

◉ Easy to install. It is a real „plug & play“ mono system, no setup is needed
◉ It is possible to synchronize unlimited number of mono systems (by wire)
◉ Automatic synchronization is possible up to 6 mono systems (by air)
◉ Automatically detects mains frequency (50Hz or 60Hz)

Remote Control via internet:

◉ All parameters can be set up via remote WiFi internet connection


◉ Real time signal processing and SMD technology
◉ It detects „standing hard tags and paper labels“ close to the antenna and signalizes it to the staff
◉ DC version is available, because of very low power consumption
◉ It is covered with thin metal cover. It is both for a noise protection and unauthorized
acts prevention as well. All important information are printed on the cover
◉ Very simple and easy to replace (a few seconds)
◉ Automatically adjusts the parameters for optimal detection of hard tags and paper labels
◉ The system detection tree is flat and possible to adapt according to the customer‘s
◉ Transmitting frequency is automatically shifted from 7,8MHz to 8,5MHz with steps of
100kHz and accuracy of up to 6kHz. It detects all types of RF 8,2MHz hard tags and paper labels
◉ There is no additional tuning needed


Detection distances table:

paper labels 3 x 3,9cm 2 x 0,7 – 0,8m
paper labels 4 x 4cm 2 x 0,8 – 0,9 m
paper labels 5 x 5cm 2 x 0,9 – 1,0 m
hard tags D50 2 x 1,15 – 1,2 m
hard tags D40 2 x 1,0 – 1,1 m
mini square 2 x 1,0 – 1,1 m
Detection of tags depends also
on their quality (Q-factor values)
Drawings and technical information of this data sheets issued for marketing purposes only
and may not be reproduced or used to manufacture anything shown or referred to hereon
without permission from IRIDIUM LTD

Warranty: 3 years

Please click on photo and download datasheep:

EAS System Delta Mono RF 8,2 MHz for hard tags and paper labels. All parameters can be set up via remote WiFi internet connection.

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